Kushiro aims to create a cosy and quintessential dining space for our customers. Our moon-themed Japanese garden decor flows in all areas of the restaurant, from the entrance to the main dining area. Each section is inspired by different phases of the moon, allowing our guests to indulge in the dazzling twilight zone.

We select the freshest ingredients from Japanese fish markets that are being transported to Hong Kong on the same day. Our on-site buyers carefully handpick the seafood every morning to ensure the dishes that we provide for our guests are up to the highest standard and capture the soul of the delicacy.

Kushiro is led by a team of experienced and talented Japanese chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants who are passionate about finding new ways to contribute different depths and dimensions to an exquisite dining experience while maintaining the elegance of tradition.

In addition to the enjoyment in food, Kushiro aspires to meet the needs of each guest, creating a multisensory dining experience.